Possible backup solution for off-site backup with Drobo

I’ve used Mozy for a while, and have almost 1TB of data stored with them as a backup. They’ve been great so far…

Anyways, I’m happy to tell everyone (since I didn’t know before I installed the Drobo), that since a Drobo looks like a normal Harddrive, Mozy will back it up too… :slight_smile:

So, conceivably, 16TB of data backed up at Mozy for $5/mo. Not sure how they’ll make money, but, that’s not my problem…

Anyways, if you want to try them, use this link http://bit.ly/9B7xY9 along with the coupon code " SEPTEMBER " to save an extra 10%.

Hope this helps!


So how does this Mozy actually work? I have 11 TB of data on my DROBO PRO. Do I just upload it to them?

I have a limited internet connection, there’s no way I can upload 11 TB of data. How do I get all my stuff there? Can it only be done over the internet or is there a physical way to get it there too?

You upload it. Now, if you have a slow connection, it might take a long while to upload… Restoring can be done via. DVD or download. In my case, I have a 35/35 Fiber connection, so, it’s idea. Of course, your mileage may vary :slight_smile:


The biggest issue people have with services like this is transfer speed - most people don’t have a fast enough Internet connection.

Its not just for the initial upload either - in the past people have had issues where companies announce they are shutting down the service and users simply can’t download a copy of all their data in time.

Not to mention some ISP limit the total transfers per-month. For example, I have Comcast and they’re monitoring in my region - I get 250 GB/month (this is total, so upload+download).

Usually it’s not a problem, unless I decide to put a bunch of stuff online. :slight_smile:

Yuck… FiOS has no such restrictions. I regularly upload hundreds of GB’s and/or TB’s a month with no issue. So, for me at least (and those with FiOS I guess :wink: ) online backup is ideal!

Of course, YMMV


ive just been thinking… i dont think those max MB’s per month limits are going to apply…

eg, if you’re using smart backups (eg differences/new files only) then (in theory) the files you transfer should only really be a bit more than the amount of new data that is being generated.

(some tools will do downloads of destination data to run checksum calculations to see if its the same file, but if you have a drobo with lots of GIGs on it, the limit should only apply once, eg once the other drobo has those GIGs on it, you’re not going to be transferring the same GIGS each day/month… only the changed files - in theory :slight_smile:

True, unless you’re imaging a bunch of new stuff all the time, it’s really just a matter of the initial data loading.