PMU Reset Drobo 5D



My Drobo 5D is not booting correctly. It becomes stuck after a few seconds and remains with an yellow/orange power light. The lights for the hdd slots have the same color.
In order to get more information I red out the serial port. The boot process ends up with the message:

#The PMU has been reprogrammed! … Waiting for the inevitable Reset”

Does anyone know how to reset the PMU of the Drobo 5D by using the serial connection?
I’ll appreciate any help!
Many thanks!


You posted a question on one of my threads from a couple years ago, but now your post there seems to be gone, or I can’t see it anyway. So I’m responding here.

In the end my Drobo needed replacement. My UPS failed to protect it, and the UPS manufacturer stopped responding to my attempts to claim on their so-called $1M equipment guarantee which in the end was worthless. So I had to pay for a new Drobo but fortunately my data was OK in the end.