Why and do anybody else have a problem with plex not getting all the tv episodes out of a folder. It will get a couple and leave the rest and some season. Please help.

You will need to rename the file to specific naming format as stated by Plex app. So that it can grab the tv info metadata from the etc.

For more info on the naming of media files for movies and tv show etc… in Plex, is better to head over to website. They have a complete guide on it. So far following the guide on, my flex in Drobo5N has no issue getting metadata info … just remember to follow the origination and naming guide. And also either manually or auto refresh the TV or Movie library in plex.

I use FileBot to automagically rename TV episodes. Works really well as long as the source name is close enough already. But you might need to manually rename in some cases. FileBot might detect a bit more than Plex since FileBot’s ONLY job is to identify and rename files. Plex needs it to be in a reasonably supported format to detect as mentioned by don.

I use Metax to get metadata. Then store it in my iTunes. I copy that folder to Plex. They all show up in iTunes. All my movies show up music. Is it a limit on total size or folder size.

hi, it might also be a case where some of the files in a folder are in a different video format than that which plex can support? (maybe you can check the codec in that case to see if it is a codec issue?)

Thanks, they all the same.[hr]
So you all have been helpful, I think I found it. I use metax to put it in ITunes, so the folders name don’t have s00e00 in them. It will take me to long to redo all them. I need another software to redo it faster. They have different season folders but episodes all under that season. Mine say something like Bad, Bad1, Bad2, and so on.

Yeah, Plex is extremely sensitive to the filenames. By far the most reliable system is to have “S00E00” labels on each filename, rather than relying on the folder structure. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look at any kind of MP4 metadata from iTunes.

Ok still trying to get this, All my tv seasons only show episodes 10 or higher. Anybody want invite to see?

ok thanks about codec, its probbaly folders and filenames like diamond mentioned above.
(basic letters and numbers without spaces might help)

(actually i think diamond had some fun and games with filenames of another language with characters and symbols in the past - i cant remember exactly but it all looked greek to me) :slight_smile: