PLEX playback issue

I have been using play to playback a few movies… it seem to pause a lot, any help?

hi roman, maybe a few tests could help narrow things down a bit…
for example, using the knowledge you have about the files you play, can you notice any particular differences between the files that work fine, and the ones that pause a lot?

such as, is it smaller files, vs huge files?
is it file extensions
is it audio/video codec issues,
is it data bitrate issues
is it that certain filenames work fine, but ones with non-standard filenames have issues? (for example letters and numbers are standard, but sometimes an underscore “_” or a dash/hyphen “-” can be used instead of a spaces, and what happens if you swap a foreign letter for a basic one, such ä, ö or ü being changed into “a”, “o”, and “u” might help??

any more info you have will be useful,

The Drobo is great at serving media files, but not so good at transcoding them. Most NAS processors simply aren’t up to the task. I tried the Plex App at first, but ended up running Plex from my Media PC while keeping my media library on the Drobo. This combination works well.

After trying to do some digging to see if it was any one file… I really cannot say it is one outstanding indicator. Most of the files are MKV and 3-5gb size. It doesn;t happen nonstop. but seem like it will get to a point were it stutters for a bit stops, the time goes by and happens again. thought this may have been a know issue, but i cant find anything about it.

hi romankory, can you remember if it seems to have that issue at the same point in the file (for a particular file that you noticed the pausing)?
also what happens if you try simply playing back as mentioned by dragon, does that help to smooth things out for you?

not in the exact same spot, but in general area. plays from pc server fine

ok thanks,
it could just be dragon mentions, (and maybe the bitrate of that file, around that point, is quite high, most probably in the case of variable bitrate codecs) and too much data rate to process.

i only have das drobos here with usb, but they play things back just fine, even dvd files ive made (and i think doc chris was able to stream blu ray data ok as well). some players have a buffering feature, which could help quite a lot, such as buffering 30 seconds worth of data before starting to play, but im not sure if all programs do it - i havent seen that option in vlc for example, but maybe it exists)