Plex on B800FS

I’ve just received my new B800FS and I want to get Plex installed on it. After not being able to access the DroboApps option in the Dashboard I did some Googling and it appears that the B800FS can’t run apps. I find this scary because I just dumped $1250 on it because on the product page it said I could use Drobo Apps on this particular model.

I’ve also had an issue where on one boot the fans will go quiet but on a reboot they will stay on and are VERY noisy.

I also just purchased B800fs and can’t figure out how to install the Plex app.

According to the website this model supports Drobo Apps. Do you have to install them manually, instead of through the Dash Board?


I bought a Drobo based on the website stating that it supports Drobo Apps…only to be told by support that only the 5N officially supports apps.

The FS will run apps but only ones modded by the community.

You can go here for help:

I do think they should make it clearer that FS does not officially support apps

Don’t quote me on this, but as far as I can tell the 800FS is the same thing as an FS, just with 8 drive bays instead of 5. In other words, you can only install apps built and packaged for the FS, not the 5N. The official Plex DroboApp, for example, won’t run on the FS.

If you do have SSH access to the 800FS, I can help you figure out exactly what kinds of apps you can run.

I would like to get help on installing plex server on Drobo 800fs. I’ve installed so far, dropbear,wget and nano.