Plex no longer able to see media files

As of a couple weeks ago, my Plex server (hosted on the Drobo 5N) stopped seeing new files being added. I removed the library from Plex and re-added it, but it seems Plex cannot see ANY files now.

Setup is as follows:

Transmission (on Drobo) downloads, Sonarr/Radarr moves the file to another file location on Drobo, Plex is running on Drobo.

So, Installed Plex on my PC to run, and while it worked for a couple days it’s now encountering the same issue, it can’t see any new files on the Drobo so doesn’t update the library.

Since this product is EOL I assume it doesn’t get any support. Time to move to Synology I guess, fuck Drobo

Same issue here unfortunately.