Plex app stopping every day

Please can anyone help with this.
Every night, my Plex server stops running on my Drobo 5N and I need to manually restart it. I have tried:

Removing all libraries - this worked
Adding a few movies only - this worked
Adding TV series only - this worked
adding both the few movies and the TV - failed - the server stops
Reset the Drobo and started from fresh - failed

PS… It worked before and I hadn’t changed anything?

Similar story here, the Plex app on the Drobo has become totally impractical for day to day use as it keeps turning itself off and getting very little help from Plex support either. It’s a shame, the Plex and Drobo combination has been fantastic for the best part of a year.

The problem is that the default Drobo 5N configuration does not have enough swap space to handle Plex with a very large collection. By very large I mean a few thousand files. The workaround is to increase the swap space from its original 256 MB to something like 1 or even 2 GB. Mind you, this will only make sure that Plex runs, not that it will run well.

What has happened is that over time Plex has become a huge memory hog, and basically it still runs well on the 5N if it is the only app running. If you have more apps installed, then you are pretty much guaranteed to have Plex being killed by the operating system for grabbing too much memory.

It is basically the same problem as with CrashPlan. Both apps require a lot of RAM, and the only way we can kind of work aroud that is to increase the amount of swap space.

Have a look at this thread: and this one to see how to increase swap space.