Please Help! Drobo Not Turning On!

OK since the Drobo Support is absolutely appalling, could really use some help from the community. My Drobo died. It’s not the power supply, the green light is still on, and the fan immediately starts running when I plug it in. But there are 0 lights on. Not on the power button or any of the front LEDs.

My warranty expired just a few months ago. I am trying to figure out what to do next. I’d buy another Drobo (out of necessity, not out of desire), but they’re all sold out.

So my options are to buy another RAID unit, but will it work if I just plug in my drives? All the RAID units I’ve found come with drives, which I don’t need, but not sure I have any choice. I saw a few bays that don’t come with drives, but again not sure if they’ll be compatible with my drives. Would REALLY appreciate some help! Thanks!

Sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately the drives can only be read by another Drobo.
Which Drobo model do you have?

I have a 5D. But they are sold out of the product everywhere, so how do I do that? I can’t get another raid bay and plug them in there?

Your 5D drives can only be migrated to another 5D, a 5D3 or an 8D.

They don’t sell them anymore, or at least, they’re sold out. Thoughts on a solution?

I had assumed I could maybe plug them into this? No?

Like I previously stated, if you want to be able to read and recover what is on your drives, you must use another Drobo. Another enclosure can be used, but it will erase anything on the drives. Hopefully you have backups.