Please answer my support ticket!

Please could my support ticket be answered; it takes days for the support team to reply and I have been without a working Drobo for over a week now. I’ve even purchased a new one and I need updated firmware. I need to my files if at all possible. An answer today would be appreciated preferably with some firmware. Not very impressed at the moment

The firmware Drobo supplied was in an empty zip file that the manual install rejected. This is now 11 days without a Drobo. Can you supply me with the correct .tdf file please ASAP. I am hoping someone from support will read and action ASAP. I am trying to run a business here!!!

13 days and still the drobo is not working; been waiting since Monday for the new firmware, still nothing. Any chance Drobo? Trying to run a business here!!!

Day 14 and another firmware that won’t work!!! I have been waiting since Monday for this latest piece of firmware that rejects.

Day 15 without the Drobo!!!

Soooooo I discovered yesterday that a whole week has been wasted sending me firmware for a 5N!!! I am now on a 5N2 and in support. Get a slightly scathing response from them yesterday to say I was out of support on the 5N and they made and exception for me and didn’t charge me.

However the support ticket was always about the brand new 5N2 and I supplied proof of purchase and the serial number at their request (before they could proceed) for the 5N2 on 8th July.

To say this is unbelievable is an understatement.

I wonder if they will send the correct firmware for the correct unit today; one can only hope.

I am seriously unhappy right now and this is most definitely not support as I would know it.

Still on Day 15 - get sent the same link as yesterday, which I proved didn’t work. So not only not reading my messages they are now not looking at the screenshots I send them. How much longer can this farce continue for.

I am spitting mad now!!!

Day 16 without a Drobo; they now have recognised I have support and re-registered my product despite my registering it 12 days ago!!!

Thought there might be a breakthrough, they wanted to contact me; replied in 4 minutes with now please…radio silence.

I completely understand how you feel woodychill. I cannot get a response to my request either. My apps stopped working and I have had to purchase additional portable hard drives to keep myself afloat. If you find a way to get someone to assist you, please let me know as well. I’m no longer able to find a phone number to call anyone and am beholden to receiving emails that are days old and don’t address the problem. I send new diagnostics files each time I attempt something and still no response.

Drobo has become complete crap. If they are still in business, considering their abysmal tech support, they won’t be in business long. My Drobo 5D3 is still under warranty. I’ve tried for the past two-months to get this “bricked” unit to reboot / connect. Tech support is completely useless (when you can get them to reply to your email) . . . about once every two or three weeks . . . always with the same worthless suggestions (Case ID# 200821-99747). Having given up on ever having this high-priced trotline weight fixed, I’ve started looking at more reputable companies. My suggestion - never squander your money on a Drobo. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DROBO!