Pie chart & Lights update cycle

I have been dumping a load of stuff onto my DroboPro today.

Initially, I had 760 Gb used on the DroboPro. Having done some wiring, I rebooted the MacMini and DroboPro. When they came up, the Drobo mounted (iSCSI) and the pie chart shows 760.32Gb Used space, out of 1.93Tb (I have 4 x 1.5Tb disks in there with dual redundancy).

I am watching the volume list below the pie chart, currently this is showing 955 Gb used space - the pie chart has not moved from 760Gb. Three blue lights are lit on the DroboPro.

I have tried quitting and restarting DroboDashboard, no change. I cannot reboot the machine yet - the copies are still running. If I leave the Dashboard quit for, say 10 minutes, the Drobo blue lights don’t sort themselves out either.

If I go into tools, it shows the 760.32 Gb, not the 961Gb (copied 6 Gb as I have been typing).

So, how real time is the dashboard software? Some bits are obviously correct, but the majority is not…

The DroboPro is set for 1 16Tb partition and one volume, all formatted through the Dashboard. Dashboard 1.6.7 and firmware 1.1.4.

Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours if you have been moving around a lot of data.

Thats fine, just really checking this was “normal”.

I didn’t find any reference to this in the FAQ/Knowledgebase, hence the query here.

Perhaps it could be added, along the lines of “if you are moving a lot of data about, the status may be delayed” type thing?

We have this kb

Which is for deleting large amounts of data, it can be applied to adding large amounts of data quickly.

Yes, I saw that, following the link from article 22. But the document says that the dashboard reflected the change immediately and for a delete. I kind of assumed as write would automatically be stored in an efficient way as the data is committed to disk. I can understand a delete perhaps doing some work for efficiency. Bits of the dashboard software do reflect the space being used up in real time. Just the pie cart and tools page does not.

But, if it is normal, no worries. Still think a note to say this is for rapid additions as well as delete is handy. I was nipping into the other room to check the blue lights that the copy was still working - had a couple of moments where I thought it has died as the lights didn’t change.

The copy finished as I was typing this, so I rebooted the MacMini but NOT the DroboPro (needed an update activating anyway). When it rebooted the Drobo added the 4th blue light and the Dashboard is showing the right details. Odd, but as you say it would probably get there by itself.