Photo gallery server

I’m trying to share my family photos with relatives and was wondering if there are any apps for my DroboFS that would make this easy. I’d really want something like Photo Station 4 that’s offered by Synology for their products.


hi is your family in the same house as you?
or are they in different houses / parts of the world etc?

some ideas springing to mind is that new cloud thats working with the drobo (my mind went blank and i cant remember the name of it lol)
or you could simply run a normal web server service, and put a copy of the gallery files there and give them the ip or dyndns url to them to visit just like any other website?[hr]
oxygen cloud :slight_smile:

I’m not sure on the “easy” part, TBH. I’m sure you could whip up a python script that uploaded photos in a certain folder to your fav site (like photobucket) or you could set up apache and just host that folder as your own website.