Phantom drive failure on power-on

<Drobo v2, USB2, Win7 x64>

I started with 4 drives (2 new low power WD 1.5TB drives, and 2 used 500GB drives. After a day the used 500G drive in slot 3 failed, so I replaced it. The replacement 500G drive failed after 2 days, so I removed it. I’ve been running on 3 drives since.

Now - when I boot the PC from shutdown, the drobo wakes up - and immediately thinks that drive 3 has failed. It tells me that my storage is 100% full, and I need to insert a new device.

After about 3 or 4 minutes, it works it out, and tells me that the system is only 46% utilized - and all is ok.

Log files at http://drop.io/6c8jtus

Why is this happening?

(I’ve opened a case)


So the “Low on capacity” warning happens every time you start the host (connected to Drobo) system?

I’m not sure - as I usually start up the PC, go make a cup of tea, then come back later - so I don’t always notice the issue. The same behaviour has happened at least 3 times recently.