I saw this on Hackaday… 90TB, multiple RAID controllers, supposedly silent (but I have doubts), which brought back some memories of my own homebrew RAID of yesteryear.

…and it provided me some good perspective. I eventually moved to off-the-shelf Drobo because I got tired of being the only one who could maintain the array. Care and feeding is a chore. :slight_smile: At least with Drobo, I can have my wife perform simple maintenance.

It is kinda cool that they’d be able to drop a huge bundle of cash and go from 90TB to 135TB! But I wonder how much work that would be…

i wonder what kind of raid.

i’d want to have it all as one volume, so i’d probably raid 6 the drievs into groups then raid 0 over that

or maybe even just do an unraid over it, but i dont think unraid supports multiple parity drives yet, which is a shame, otherwise it would be ideal for a 90 drive set

it doesnt mention what he is storing on it

Yeah lots of questions, but impressive pictures!