persistant root password change

I thought i saw a blurb here about how to do it, but i cannot find it, is there a way to keep password changes when the droboFS reboots?


I have the same problem and I am also interested in the solution so my SSH and FTP apps are secure.[hr]
Saw a post which said to run this command in the SSH:

Seemed to work for me so far.

Here is what I do. (note, I am not suggesting others do this, just saying what is working for me) I have added extra users to my /etc/passwd file for use with pure-ftp. I take a copy of my /etc/passwd file and place it in another directory. After a Drobo reboot or trip through the Drobo Dashboard, I check my /etc/passwd file against the one I saved. If there is a difference, I copy my backup file back over /etc/passwd. Note: I used to keep he copy in the same directory under a different name, but I have found from time to time that my copy had mysteriously disappeared.