Persistant flashing orange/green lights on all 4 drives

Hello -

I have a first gen Drobo with four 2TB HD’s that I’ve used as a time machine backup for a while.

A week ago, I moved, so my Mac and Drobo were off. A couple of days ago, I rebooted everything and Drobo reported that it needed to rebuild its data protection and all four bays began flashing orange/green.

It’s been almost 2 days and Drobo is still flashing - and reporting approx 120 hrs remaining (the progress bar show no process).

The drives remain accessible - TM keeps backing up to the Drobo and I can retreive files using TM.

It seems like this rebuild may never complete. Ideas???

Thanks -

accessing drobo during a rebuild (including backing up) will make the rebuild take a LOT longer

its probable one of your drives was knocked during the move and wasnt/isnt seated correctly triggering the rebuild

Did this activity ever cease? I am experiencing the same thing. It was going for 24 hours then a power outage happened and now it’s started again. I replaced a drive last year and I don’t remember it doing this? I don’t see any indication of what it’s doing or it’s progress in the drobo dashboard. I hear it working but that’s about it. How long will this take??? It seems it would be faster just to wipe it and start over? Any suggestions?

I am curious too, as mine has been doing the same thing for 3 weeks and three days. Two of the drives are quite warm suggesting activity so I assume the Drobo is still rebuilding. Wish I could be sure.

(just linking to jaes thread here)