Permissions to the DDC boards


I understand the “Application Submission” sub-forum in the DDC section being moderated. You want someone at DR to QA developed DroboApps before they get submitted to the archive or let loose on your customers. Makes 110% sense.

The other sub-forums however, specific example: “Developers” appears to be a forum where developers can discuss packaging, cross-compilation issues and the like. It’s a place where our DroboApp development community can work together.

For example, apr-util will not cross-compile for the life of me and it is a dependancy of svn - user requested application.

As time progresses we will have more developers grab the SDKs and when they have questions they need a place to ask.

Could we pretty-please remove the moderated status of at least the Developers sub-forum so we have somewhere on this forum to discuss developer like things.



Try it now.

noidd, thanks for doing this.

on your apr-util issue, i’m going to take a shot in the dark. When you try to cross-compile apr-util, you need to set the with-apr= path to the src/build path and not to the install path. The same would be true for the with-apr and with-aprutil paths when building svn. If you use the install path, it tries to execute one of binaries on the host/build machine and it doesn’t work. Using the src/build directory gets around it because there is logic in the make process so that the build works if you use the correct path. that stopped me up for a day but the notes I sent to you last week should have included that note.

The scripts on the droboapp download site do something similar but it’s a lot less obvious if you try to read their script. On a side note, I couldn’t get the drobo app script to build anything either and didn’t try to hard to use it. One of these days, I’ll get around to documenting my complete process and posting it on my site for everyone else interested.