Permissions corrupted

I just bought a Drobo FS having used a Drobo S for the last few years. I copied across all the files from backup to the FS and it has changes all of the permissions so that I can no longer delete, modify the filename, etc. I found a Drobo Answer to the Support question “I’m losing permission (or rights) to delete or copy to or from my Drobo FS. What do I do?” dated 05/20/2011. Does anyone know how to overcome this problem. My permission is currently set to “unknown” and my Admin privilege has disappeared/been corrupted.

Normally the DroboFS doesn’t have any permissions to speak of being a network volume. Probably the simplest way to address this is to set up the Dropbear SSH DroboApp, and then log in and change permissions across all shares back to the defaults (chown -R root:root /mnt/DroboFS/Shares). This all assumes it’s file permissions at fault, and not something at the network layer.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am returning the Drobo FS for replacement. I’m not sure what was going on but it wouldn’t even let me log out of Admin without doing a hard reset so I’m guessing the unit wasn’t very well. I hope that the replacement will work.

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