Periodic "stalls" when accessing the DroboFS

I’ve been setting up my DroboFS this past week, and now that I’ve gotten beyond freezes at startup, dying drives, I/O contention, and the sheer pain of copying 2TB over the network, I have two lingering issues - wondering if these are common or not.
[]Periodically the DroboFS will stall during I/O. For instance, during a large file copy it will be zipping along, then the activity light will turn solid green (or go off) for up to about 30 seconds, during which no data is transferred. After this passes everything returns to normal for a few minutes, then does this again. Graphing my throughput looks like a wide platueau with deep canyons.
]Not sure if it’s related, but it seems to take a year and a half for the Drobo to list the shares available after connecting and authenticating - and this is with the drives already spun up. It can sit for 30 seconds to a minute before I can get the list of shares; once I choose one it’s fine - stalling above notwithstanding.

Are these known issues? I wish there was some way to isolate if it’s an issue with the FS or maybe some strange interaction with the drives I have installed; i.e., which do I replace to fix this - the FS or the drives?

Please open a support case and submit a diagnostic file. Might be an issue with a drive.

I spoke with support today, and confirmed something is amiss with the Drobo FS. I had bought a second one (long, silly story), and that one performs flawlessly with the same network, disks, setup, etc.


I get exactly the same issue - did it require sending the unit back?

I am in the UK and cannot afford to be without my data!!

Any ideas?



p.s. It basically copies files fine then all of a sudden the network activity light turns solid green and network throughput drops to slow - after about 30 seconds it returns back to normal.

p.p.s Only had the unit for a week - and not happy with this “GREEN” light issue.

@rikski, please open a support case.

Thanks already done - was looking for any other advice whilst I am waiting :wink:

Afraid so, it had to be replaced. If you can’t be without your data (something I definitely understand!) then see if you can get advanced shipment of the new FS. Once it arrives, it’s as simple as updating firmware (always update firmware first), then popping all the drives out of one Drobo and into the other.

No problems since!

Hi Diamondsw,

Thanks for the informative update - exactly what I wanted to hear. Pitty Drobo support (via support case!) are not as quick :wink:

Best regards