Performing Volume Changes - EXTREME WARNING!

Earlier I posted a message here about my Drobo performing volume changes for over 45 minutes - a task which normally takes approx 2 minutes.

I deleted the post here because it finished. Or so I thought.

When I went back to the Dashboard, the job had finished, but I could not click on Manage Volumes - nothing happened.

So I rebooted my host - a Windows 2008R2 server.

Upon reboot, the Drobo connected but showed less space was taken up than before - as if data was missing.

I couldn’t use Windows Explorer to view the drive - it hung ever time I tried.

So I rebooted the 2008 R2 host, again.

While rebooting, the drobo didn’t do it’s normal thing of clearing all the lights as if not connected to a host.

When the 2008 server came back up - it could not connect to the Drobo.

So, as I’ve had before, I had absolutely no way of managing the Drobo - it was in a “hung” state, thinking it was connected to the host, when in fact, it wasn’t.

I’ve had to power off the Drobo. This is really not good enough - there should be a better option than the dashboard!

I’m now waiting for it to come back up completely to see if I have any further issues.

All up, this has been a painful situation which should have taken a few minutes![hr][hr]
It is currently saying it’s connected to my host - dashboard has a green pie chart.

I can’t connect to the drive though, and the dashboard just hangs.

I am completely at a loss - I can’t get any information from the Drobo at-all.

Windows 2008 event log says the drive may have errors and to run chkdsk.


This is absolutely ridiculous!

I have shut down my host - the drobo lights are ALL on.

WTF is going on!

Hopefully, this DroboPro is not the only copy of your data.
Maybe deleting the unused volume has caused a shake-up in your DroboPro, which means some housekeeping has been initiated. You wrote that you deleted an unused volume. Drobo may be seeing doing something to “mark” or “unmark” the previously used drive space from that volume on your Drobo.

Hope it comes back up.

Well I hope that’s right yoyoma - the drive light (above the power light, visible when the front is taken off the unit) is flashing constantly.

If that’s what is happening - why don’t I get informed of it? Why doesn’t the dashboard tell me that it’s busy?

And how long do I leave it in it’s current state?

I can’t perform a chkdsk because the volume is not accessible from windows. It shows up in diskmgmt.msc but I can’t see the drive in explorer or from a command shell.

If this fails in any way shape or form I’ll be seeking legal advise - the devise and software is simply not up to the standards portrayed by data robotics. I’ve completely lost confidence in the product![hr]
Windows Event Log also shows the following:

Drobo EventID:0

System.IO.IOException: The parameter is incorrect.

at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.__Error.WinIODriveError(String driveName, Int32 errorCode)
at System.IO.DriveInfo.get_TotalSize()
at HostUser.Volumes.Update()

Snapper, patience is REQUIRED with all the Drobo products.
I am not a DroboPro expert, so I can not do much but sympathize.

Being a Sunday and National Holiday in the US, I don’t know if you can expect much quick response, this day.
But, there is the search tool, so thank god for that.

Drobo’s website is like an outline for a really cool product. There are no specifics. :slight_smile:

Yes, patience is definitely required.

I’ve logged a support call and of course posted on here.

I’ve not found anyone with the same issue as myself when searching so I am stuck - I have to wait.

It’s just a confidence thing - there is such a huge lack of information from the Drobo - it’s really bad. I didn’t pay £1000 for a device that lacks information tools - even the diagnostic logs are not readable by anyone but Data Robotics - so I can only wait for their support to tell me what’s going on. Rubbish!

I’ll update this once I know more - keep your fingers crossed for me :slight_smile:


In this thread above, it sounds like similar problem to what you are experiencing. If you haven’t read it, I think it may? help you somewhat. Not help fix your problem, but help understand it.

When you get this resolved, successfully, it would be cool if you please post what you did.[hr]
I hold my breath whenever I make a change to the Drobo. Look at my blue face.

Thanks yoyoma - I had read that thread as it goes, but thanks anyway.

All the lights on the Drobo, including a full set of green lights - suggesting it’s OK.

I’ll wait and see what Data Robotics come back with and take it from there I guess.

I hope like hell a reset is not the option![hr]
I just spotted your line re the blue face :slight_smile:

PS - I had a 2TB volume, unformatted, on the drobo. I just formatted it in Windows and it works fine!

An update for you.

I’ve connected the Drobo to a Windows 7 VM and run chkdsk e: /x (e being the drive letter)

It’s running, and so far looks promising.

C:\Windows\system32>chkdsk e: /x
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Volume label is Data.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)…
0 percent complete. (0 of 137472 file records processed)
Deleting corrupt attribute record (128, $SDS)
from file record segment 9.
137472 file records processed.
File verification completed.
2324 large file records processed.
0 bad file records processed.
0 EA records processed.
0 reparse records processed.
CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)…
65 percent complete. (149451 of 187360 index entries processed)[hr]

Looks good that Chkdsk is running…

Strangely enough my Drobo v2 went into a similar state recently.

I shut down my machine, then Drobo went to sleep… and stayed sleeping, even after I rebooted my machine.

I power cycled, and waited past the blue light “count up” and it went into full-Green, then went back to sleep.

I unplugged the Drobo power, waited 20 seconds, then plugged it back in and things went back to normal (blue light “count up” followed by full-Green, then sleep, then woke up when plugged back in).

I’m not sure what the deal was… Sun spots??

I Chkdsk-ed it and everything is fine, but it surely gave me a scare too!!

actually we are in a quiet period of solar activity - which has a lot of scientists very worried since we should be reaching a peak around now, and the fact its overdue means that they think it is literally the calm before the (solar) storm and 2011 could be a horrific year with satellites being lost and power grids going down.

just thought i would share :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange to say the least!

I think the biggest issue is the lack of information. My personal feeling is that the Drobo needs a web interface - so even if you don’t have an iSCSI/USB/FW connection, you can STILL find out what’s going on. Well, on the assumption that the web UI runs in memory/ROM etc. and is always up, unlike the Drobo!

It worries me, hugely![hr]

LOL well this might explain why I’ve had no response from Drobo Support - their servers must be down due to solar interference!


BTW - The drobo is up and I have access to data - copying it to my old NAS as we speak (something I normally did anyway, just so happened that I hadn’t, prior to deleting that volume…)

Lesson learnt - before even TOUCHING the drobo (even physically) - back it up! Drobo has officially been renamed “Fragile” :slight_smile:

I am happy to hear that your Drobo returned. It is worrying, but is good to hear that the Drobo is resilient.
Deleting volumes and surviving.

It’s official, you CAN perform a normal task and survive :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, I am pretty relieved, I was pretty sure I had lost data!

I think one of the 4 drives I have in it has bad blocks so have bought a spare today. They are all the same model etc. so hopefully that helps the Drobo by way of not having heaps of different makes/models etc.

If I get any more info from the diagnostic logs from support, I’ll let you all know.

DRI reports: this is not unexpected when performing a Volume modification such as described. :wink:

Also, it was Independence Day weekend here in the US, so DRI support might have had Monday off (as I did)…

Meanwhile, in the world of sweaty palms, my wife saw the third Drobo (which I’m using to backup my WHS share content)… Okay, no crisis there. Whew! :slight_smile:

Still not a word from Drobo support - no email, no phone call, absolutely nothing. Not impressed!

And, to add to that, the Drobo lights are all on, says it’s fine and WAS fine about an hour ago when I logged on remotely and checked - I was copying data off it (while I still can!) to my NAS. Just got home and checked my 2008R2 host and nope, Drobo is offline. All the lights are on - even after I’ve shutdown my host.

So tell me Data Robotics - what do I do NOW?

well this is the first working day back after a holiday weekend, so they are probably working through their support calls in the order recieved. if you want a quicker answer, phone them.

I recommend to submit you log into the system, record the ticket number, then call support and reference the log submitted by ticket number.

Thanks bhiga, but if it was yesterday, they’d still be on holiday.

There are countless references to the word “enterprise” on Data Robotics’ web site. Their idea of enterprise product and enterprise support are way, way different to mine.

Granted, I could call, but at the same time, I don’t know a single IT related vendor who claims to be in the enterprise market who shutdown their support at-all, ever, 24/7/365.

Why market your product at SMB’s when it’s clearly nowhere near good enough.

Out of principle I am not going to call them, I want to see just how poor their support is whenever the US has one of it’s many holidays.

The reputation of the product is poor - I should have listened to those reports on the internet about Drobo. It’s worse than I ever imagined!