Performance of DroboShare w/GigE vs. FW800 + other q's

I’ve got a 2G Drobo hooked up to my Mac Pro over FireWire 800. Though the fans are MUCH quieter than the original Drobo (which I also owned), they still can get rather loud, and are definitely noticable when I record my podcast or chat on Skype. I’d like to move the Drobo across the room (it is a very large room) which would mean I would need to go NAS. What is the performance difference between a Drobo w/DroboShare on a Gigabit Ethernet network, vs. directly connected to my Mac over FireWire 800? How much of a performance hit are we talking here?

Also, I currently have my Drobo formatted as a 16 TB Mac OS Extended (NOT JOURNALED) partition. Does the DroboShare understand and work with this format, or will I need to (ack!) backup and reformat it?

Transfer speed is quite a bit slower using Share compared to FW800 - even on a gigabit network. I just hooked my v2 Drobo onto my network last light and whilst it’ll ‘serve’ a couple of movies & some music without (too) much problems, coping files up to it take about 4 times longer than they did with FW. I guess this is to be expected as network speeds are rarely as fast as you’d hope, however the Drobo is limited too using the USB2 port for connection to the Share - perhaps if the FW800 port was used it would be better ? There’s a Jumbo Frames app available, so I’m going to give that a try to see if things improve.

My plan moving forward is to get a FW800 equipped Mac Mini & connect the Drobo to that. Will then use the Mini to share the files on my network, which will also give me the benefit of better files & folder permissions across my network users.