Performance gain if disabled DroboApps?

My apologies up front if this question has been asked before and I missed seeing it.

I just got a new Drobo FS which I love and was just curious about something. I know the unit has a dual core processor with one processor dedicated to the BeyondRaid stuff while the other is focused on running a linux partition for apps.

Question - if you have droboapps disabled, does the unit get any performance gain by possibly leveraging both cores during normal operation?


It depends on what the drobo apps do. As you described, the droboapps run on the linux partition, which is a separate cpu and presumably memory space from the beyond raid stuff. If the apps are constantly scanning the disk, or constantly accessing memory (whose bus might be shared with the qnx half.) then turning them off is likely to help. If the app is just a server process that spends most of it’s time idle, then no, you won’t see much, if any, difference.