Performance drops during big video reading

Hi all,
I have some problems, expecially when I play videos from my great Drobo. My setup is the following:

  • Mac Mini 2010 (hdmi to plasma tv)
  • Drobo S by fw800
  • 5 disk plugged, about 80% full
  • firmware and DroboDashboard updated

As told the problem occurs when I play videos directly from Drobo: some times there are “stalls” and Drobo seems “hanged”, some times for 10-15 seconds, other times I have to restart because the system become irresponsive. No errors detected or other messages, only “stalls” and performance drops.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry form my bad english,


Have you run repair disk from disk utility on your Drobo yet?

Just now, no problems detected.
Any other ideas?

Any problems copying to and from the Drobo?

no problems copying, only during reading. BTW reading is far more frequent then writing because I use my Drobo as central repository for my home videos and most of them are already on Drobo.
There is a way to investigate this strange behaviour? I know that logs are “crypted” and I’m out of ideas…

Then open a support case please.

I have exactly the same problem, with an almost identical setup. (MacMini 2008, Drobo S via FW400, 5 HD, 80% full).
The first months of use I did not have the problem, the it appeared gradually and worsened with time.

My guess is that the Drobo performance degrade when free HD space is less than 70%.

Shiva, from Switzerland

hi, also check and compare the video files to other ones you have… eg the bitrate (if its higher quality then it could be the player which is stuttering?

No, those moovie are just plain old .avi. Once copied to another HD they play perfectly nice.

Shiva, happy new year!

oh ok, was worth double checks :slight_smile: