Perfectly running 5D switches off randomly after 3.2.1 update ruined iMac TB commecti

5D working perfectly like a rock on my iMac with thunderbolt.
3.2.1 update

Now the 5D keeps switching off randomly and a red light will be displayed on the drobo.

What the heck, it’s definitely the 3.2.1 update that has screwed up the Drobo. Is there a way to roll back? Why to DR release firmware to make the drobo unreliable and fail :frowning:

Is there anything to try? e.g., reinstalling the firmware? I’ve done a PRAM reset and a restart and leave overnight

hi musio, am sorry to hear that.
do you have any way to check the temperature of the room/area where the drobo is?

am not sure about you, but my gen1 fan really kicked in the last few days but thats because we have record highs in the uk. (it may well be that theres something related to the update, but im just wondering if it might be temperature related in some way?)[hr]
edit: also when you have that problem - what happens if you shutdown and try usb (just to see… if its related to temperature, then id imagine it behaving in a similar way, regardless of connection method, so it might be a good test to try when you have a moment)

Hi Paul!
Thanks for the thought. You’re right, it’s been a scorcher for us :slight_smile: Saying that, Drobo is lucky enough to be in a cool room.
The problem is related to the update as I updated soon as it came out before it got this hot. Kicking myself for updating.

Then again, I do get the red light. Your post gave me the thought to check this out

Hope you get time for a cool beer, thanks for the reply as ever!

Just curious since I’m thinking about updating my 5D firmware; did the problem turn out to be a fan malfunction on your Drobo or do you still think the update to firmware 3.2.1 caused your Drobo to die?

Just an update all. It seems as thought my TB cable is bent which is odd as the Drobo is hasn’t moved at all! The only Drobo related incident was the update.

It looks like it’s the issue so i have one being rushed from Amazon prime. I’ll post back if it’s not the cable. Thanks for the read! :slight_smile:

I went ahead and updated my 5D firmware to v3.2.1 without problem so it appears your issue with the update is not universal. I hope you get your issue resolved.

My 5D has been down since March from the last firmware update. I’m a bit lucky since I’m still under warranty, however they can not fix the issue. I have done everything from run data rescue 4 to data warrior 5 and nothing. Their firmware is killing peoples drives causing the metadata to get scrambled. Drobo is not taking this serious. They are only concerned with selling products…

hi musio, (i didnt have a beer but i had to eat lots of ice cream instead as it was hot)
im guessing that (hopefully) you didnt post back because you got the issue fixed?

btw rmbrownii do you have a particular thread with any more details of your issue? (i found several posts from you but was not sure)