pb to reboot my drobo FS


My pb is when I restart my drobo FS (firm 1.1.2), it crashes and remains inaccessible with orange and blue LEDs static.
I left a day like this without doing anything.
The remedy is to disconnect power and restart the box to return to a normal situation. I installed the following apps: dropbear, firefly, apache, perl, and Fuppes transmission2.22!

I also note the following problems:

  • Root password not stored at each reboot;
  • Impossible to pass in the timezone GMT europe-paris;
  • The transmission service does not start at startup;

I try to consult the diagnostic file without understanding how to remedy this.

If anyone can help me.
Thank you


Had a similar problem (with previous version of firmware).

I shut it down cleanly, later hit the power button and it was stuck. All 5 drive lights are yellow, power light green, all blue leds lit. I tried disconnecting power and it still got stuck.

I had to pull all drives, boot it. It got further and got stuck with a single drive light red. Shut it down, replaced the drives and it came all the way up.

I think when it failed, the Drobo FS was stuck trying to spin up the drives. Just a guess, but I would love to hear something from Drobo on this.

Hi txjoe,

At least I’m not alone ( in the dark) :wink:

I have send a request to support, I don’t want to lose my data (6TB) with a bad procedure.

If the support reply I will write here.


support reply with doing a power supply replacement, and I have delete all the “external” application (dropbear, firefly, apache, perl, and Fuppes transmission2.22). The droboFS only store my files and nothing more.