Pathetic speed of Drobo 5N

Brought the Drobo 5N with fast drives and 256 SSD, but the speed is so slow. Takes hours to delete a bunch of files. Director listing take minutes. Copying is down to 1MB/minute! Been like this all the time. Even reformatted everything by the book, (Had to buy more storage to do this!!).
Are Drobo’s pathetically slow?

hi julian,
usually the speeds are much better and lots of other users have reported decent speeds, but i think if you have just recently set it up, then it might be needing some time to settle, such as after copying lots of data to it, and that could be what is causing it to be slow at the moment.

also, lots of other factors could also be affecting it in some way, such as certain antivirus settings, or windows search indexing, or spotlight, or just multiple programs or people using it

maybe if you can let it settle a little bit, (and to reclaim the blocks from deleting lots of files, especially lots of tiny files), it can then improve for you.

(if you look at my sig i have some info for throughput on my drobos - and mine are older so im pretty sure yours will improve and beat mine :slight_smile: