Password Problem after updating to Lion

I have a Drobo FS with a Time Machine partition. I have successfully upgraded the FS to Lion compatibility but have a major problem with the password.

  1. The username and password are not accepted in Drobo Dashboard. The information is stored in 1Password and I am 100% sure it is correct.

  2. When setting up Time Machine I was asked for the username and password. This time the identical details (as stored in 1Password) were accepted and Time Machine backup is underway.

The FS is working correctly and I can access the file structure via Finder. It’s just that I cannot log in to the Dashboard.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas for rectification?

I did. For some odd reason it started working in Dashboard. I still can’t use smb to mount a share in Lion. Works fine in Snow Leopard. All usernames and passwords are rejected.

I got rid of the hidden directory .AppleDB recommended by Drobo and perhaps that helped. I made a new share and used ssh to move the sparse bundle files to it. For the first time I was able to at least enter those time machines. I actually restored a 100 mess or so which was really a feat.


I discovered my version of Drobo Dashboard was out of date. I’ve upgraded to the latest and the password is now accepted.