Partitions (Mac)

I’ve got a Gen 2 and Gen 3 Drobo. I would like for the Gen 2 Drobo to back up my Gen 3, but I also have about 200 GB of extra backups (disk image of an older mac and iPhoto/movie libraries, in case I realized I forgot something in the transfer). I don’t want those extra backups on the Gen 3, but SuperDuper Smart Update will erase them from Gen 2.

Then I thought I could create 2 partitions on the backup drive, one 200GB and the rest and any new drives I may add in the future would be for the Media backup of Gen 3. When I went to do that, I could only slide down to 1TB of a partition, and since I only have 2-2TB drives, it wanted to create a 2nd partition of only 1TB.

Is it possible to create a “tiny” partition and one that will expand when I add more drives?

(insert 2001 film quote here) :slight_smile:
“im sorry dave you cant you do that” :smiley:

jokes aside - and if i understood correctly, i think the essense of what you are trying to do, is to selectively backup files and folders from your gen2 onto the gen3. this should be possible, and i do this from my gen1 to my gen2 (while also keeping some folders on the gen2 as source, back onto the gen1)

i use one of the SyncBack tools for windows, but it may just be a case where superduper can not do this for you? (im not too sure as do not have a mac but maybe another tool can help)

the one i use has a “mirror-right” configuration (with folders excluded), and there may be some mac equivalent tool you can use for this.

if you still would like to create smaller volumes, then maybea virtual drive or mac sparse bundles could help, but please hang in there as there are lots of mac users who may be able to suggest more for you.

Thanks for the reply Paul.

Actually, I wanted to backup from gen3 to gen2. And I was in contact with the Dev of superduper, and he had a solution for me. However, I figured this one out on my own. It’s not exactly how I thought it was going to turn out, but it will work.

On the Gen3, there’s the option to create a backup partition, which can be limited in size. So I did that and put the extra backups on that partition, and I can still back up the media partition on Gen3 to Gen2 “properly.”

thanks dave for the correction, and well done for finding a way forward indeed :slight_smile: