Paragon Drive Backup 10 Pro and Drobo ?

Anyone here, use “Paragon Drive Backup 10 Profesional” with a USB Connected - “Drobo S” or another Drobo Model (connected via USB) ???

If Yes, then my Questions are:

1. If so, when you run the Paragon - Linux/Dos Recovery CD, does the Paragon drive map gui (on the main GUI screen, of the Pargaon Linux/Dos CD Recovery Pgm), show the Drobo Drive as "UnFormatted", instead of indicating it is NTFS ?

2. However, if I click the Restore option so that I can get a list of Paragon Backup Image - Archives, I can find the “Drobo S” Drive listed under the Linux categories of “/Mounted Resources” and “/Local Resources” and I can browse to the folders on my Drobo S drive and the Paragon Image - “Archives” stored under them.

3. … So, if I need to go ahead in the future with a restore from a Paragon - Backup Image Archive, stored on the Drobo S, is it going to work or will I have a problem restoring, due to the fact that the Linux Recovery CD Pgm, sees the Drobo has “UnFormatted”, instaed of listing it as File Type NTFS ???

Paragon Drive Backup offers a WinPE Recovery CD Environment, as an alternative to the Linux Recovery CD. Under the WinPE Recovery CD, everything appears properly for the Drobo Drive. So, I have solved my issue.