Panic - panic - Drobo won't boot

I confess I am so very tired of this, Drobo is such a critical part of our network and today, after these constant power outages and storms, it refuses to come up. It lights up all the lights, they go out, the blue lights start blinking from left to right and it gets to number 7 from the left and stops. The power light continues to blink telling me it is booting up, but it goes nowhere. I have tried many times to get it up, twice it hung like this for a minute then restarted itself, all lights flashing, then the blue lights counting and sticking at the 7th.

The guide says that the lights tell me everything I need to know at a glance - I guess they do - they tell me that I have a useless device.

It has done this a number of times before, and then clears itself up. Tonight I cannot wait. I need to share data.

Can anyone tell me how to get the thing working.

This is truly too much.

Thanks - Lawrence

Power surges, spikes and sags will do bad things to technology.

You do have a backup of the important data somewhere, I hope.

Beyond that, call DRI support. Sounds like either you have a bad drive (hopefully not more than one), faulty power supply, or faulty Drobo chassis.