OxygenCloud - update 9/22/10

Oxygen Cloud is now in its private beta.

The folks from Oxygen Cloud were here yesterday. They installed their Oxygen DroboApp on a Drobo FS and client software on both Macs and PCs. They have told us they will be adding more people, a few at a time, into the private beta over the next week or two.

Do they have a target release date?

It’s better to not know, that way you cannot get disappointed :wink:

Thanks Mark. I’m hoping this will be a nice Christmas gift for us FS users.

Got my hands on the Admin Control Panel yesterday and its pretty sweet…Oxygencloud + DroboFS is a no brainer

Were do we get our hands on Admin Control Panel ??

Hello c28,
If i was you, i would go sign up for the oxygencloud forums. I was one of the lucky ones, well, i guess the luckiest as i was the first person to get the admin control panel to help develop it. I have posted feedback and stuff in the oxygencloud forums.


Are you guys looking for that? The Beta link is right there to download.

No i have had it installed for a few months. I was just talking about the Admin App. The link only gives you the client App