Oxygen out of beta

The thing that sold me on the Drobo FS was the inclusion of the Oxygen app (as it was advertised at the start), seems its coming out of beta, thats great but i get the feeling we will have to pay for it, if thats correct then i wish i had not bothered to buy a FS.

Quote: informationweek.com

“The service is still in its beta phase, Mak said. Pricing, once the service is generally available, is likely to take the form of a monthly subscription, with Oxygen Cloud consolidating the bill for its service with the bill from the cloud storage service, giving users a single bill to pay.”

Your username “mirage” is so totally appropriate for a discussion of Oxygen Cloud! :slight_smile:

Hello Mirage

I have had the DroboFS/Oxygen app installed for a few months now and i can say that this thing is great. I do not think they know yet what they are going to do with pricing. I do believe you can still sign up and get to testing out the beta product. Go to the oxygencloud website and sign up for the forums and ask


Link is right there, no sign up required in the forums from what I can tell.

i have Oxygen installed, it is great , but when i purchased my FS they advertised it as a free app, i since have been contacted by Oxygen with a view to selling it to me after beta ends.

Can you PM me your email address and Full name?

dpetree, can you say why?


no worries, i was just going to make it so you dont have to pay for it…

Curious. I didn’t know this was finally available and now when I go to sign up it says

"*Only users with a verified company email can sign up for Oxygen. "

That sort of stinks. Are we having to move straight to paid accounts for those of us with the FS model?

You can sign up with an email address that belongs to a domain. You cannot use a free email account like gmail,msn,yahoo.

If you have some other email address, you can use that.

I think the reason behind that is, when you sign up with a domain email, it can group those users in 1 admin control panel, SO, if you have your domain name, and you are the admin of your company, you get an admin control panel that you can manage all your users for your domain. Since free accounts do not have an “Admin”, you cant do it.

Does that make sense?

dpetree is correct - Oxygen Cloud groups users by domain, and everyone in the same domain is considered part of the same “group” and additional access restrictions can be applied by the admin account for that domain.

sorry dpetree, i did not realise you were connected to oxygen.

Does anyone have the beta app still? I have been trying to setup my drobo for private cloud storage and need an easy way of doing so. I have a Verizon FiOS router that is a ROYAL pain.

I just spoke to a sales rep from Oxygen and it looks as if they have dropped the product >< . It would be great if someone could point me in the direction of a similar app or get me a copy of the beta…

I’m in the same boat. I would really like to get a way to connect my DroboFS to some Cloud service, ie OxygenCloud. But alas they dropped support for the Drobo - which totally bites.

Any leads of another service? Or can we still use the Beta client from Oxygen?


If any of you have left oxygen app for drobo fs installation media

I would like to have it for my drobo fs when it is not possible to get anymore of oxygen

please send it in an email to martin118@hotmail.com

hmm how would that “domain” grouping work if you simply have an email at an isp’s domain? :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t… Unless your ISP’s domain administrator is your friend or something. The management model is designed for domains you own or manage.

oh ok thanks bhiga

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