Oxygen Cloud

Hey there,

Is the Oxygen Cloud app going to allow off-site backup of our drobo’s? Not sure if any of you have tried it yet, it is still in beta. Mozy allows backup of attached drives, but the drobo-fs is a share as you know so that is a no go. I currently use Carbonite for cloud backup of my MBP, but they don’t even allow attached drive backup.

I really want an economical solution in the cloud for backing up my entire drobo-fs.

The Oxygen cloud app runs on the Drobo. It takes a part of the space on your Drobo and makes it available to any device easily (no firewall or port forward mess involved).

It is not a backup solution for your Drobo at all. It is just an easy way to share files.

btw there might be a way to use some kind of substritute tool (subst) to make the fs look like a local drvie which might work with mozy.

i havent tried it, but i know that ive used the subst command in the past to get old windows apps to find certain partitions in this way.

I’m pretty sure there is an app to make it look like a local drive too in windows but I’m running a MBP.

If Oxygen Cloud doesn’t allow for backup, then why is there Amazon S3, etc?

hmm does this mac page help at all?