Oxygen Cloud

The reviews for FS mention a Cloud app, but I’m not seeing in the Drobo Apps section. Is it available somewhere else?


It will be available soon.

Thanks. Shouldn’t you mention that on the FS web page?

As an owner of two drobos — sometimes it feels like Drobo is its own worst enemy. Last week I ordered an FS, selected next day delivery (the first drobo is acting very flaky) and received an order confirm. Instead of my drobo, the next day brought an email along the lines of “Oh yeah, we’re backordered.” No delivery date, no expected arrival, zip.

And I spent the better part of last night looking all over drobo.com, drobospace.com, the packing CD, etc. looking for the Cloud app that’s mentioned in every single product review — only to now hear “Oh yeah, that’s not quite ready yet.” A very simple statement of “Oxygen Cloud app coming soon” on the FS page or the FS apps page would be the right thing to do.

It’s a bit frustrating that most drobo ‘reviews’ feel mostly like regurgitation of press releases and marketing materials, as if all the information is second-hand. I can’t wait to see real reviews that pit the FS against other NAS units, full of lab specifications and benchmarks, with no sense of fear that anything not already shown in a marketing video is going to break the device and they have more time than Cinderella’s dance to see how it operates in the long run. Worse is when faced with technical questions from readers, the reviewer seems offended, as like a magician when asked how the trick really works.

‘Coming soon’ to me does not mean over a month later. Oxygen Cloud was one of the main reasons I got a drobo FS; without it, only one of my computers can use the Drobo, which defeats the purpose of getting an FS. If it isn’t ready, don’t use it in your advertising materials.

Really? I have my DroboFS mounted across multiple machines. What’s stopping you?

None of the other comps are on the same internal network. The Laptop is wirelessly commuting back and forth and the rest are at work or relatives or friends I want to be able to share stuff with.

All - Looks like a bunch of topics here, so I’ll take them one at a time.

Backorders - We knew FS would be popular, but sales have surpassed our wildest expectations. Our Operations team is working around the clock to increase production and get orders filled as soon as possible. We are of course very sorry about the wait.

Drobo FS Reviews - There have been some independent reviews that have come out recently. The best way to get notified of these is to set up a Google alert. In terms of formal reviews with units supplied by Data Robotics, we just received our allocation as we are trying to make sure paying customers get their units first. We will be seeding the first review units later this week, so I would expect to see these online in the next 2-3 weeks. We have nothing to hide here. The product performs as advertised.

Oxygen Cloud - We were very clear when we launched the product that this app was still under development. We can’t tell the journalists what to write, but all were told this by the DRI spokesperson. Right now we are looking at a formal beta in late May with a release date in June. If you would like to participate in the beta, please send an email request to marketing@drobo.com

Many thanks,

Jim Sherhart
Data Robotics

Jim -

A sincere thanks for that bit of clarity.

But can you show me anywhere on the drobo site where you were “very clear” about the development status of Oxygen Cloud?

The only bit of info I received from drobo was in this string at the end of April where it was going to be “available soon.”

jim - agreed, thx for the info, much appreciated. it does appear this clarity was lost on quite a few journalists, and it certainly isn’t foregrounded so it’s good to get it here.

Hi Jim,

I just sent an email to this address and it was bounced back to me…

Please use this address:


Great, I’ll try that. Thanks Jennifer.

Thanks Jennifer. I was just going to give them the beta email alias, but you beat me to it.



Anybody have any word on the status of Oxygen Cloud? It is now June and we have heard nothing.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone been contacted about the beta?

Not a word till now.

I sent a mail some weeks ago.

Any sign of Oxygen Cloud — beta or otherwise yet?

I haven’t heard anything, no.

From their website: Oxygen will be released in July.