Oxygen Cloud DroboFS App

In case everyone did not hear, the Oxygen Cloud DroboFS app is released in public beta now. Seems to work so far, except for lack of all support for non windows or OSX computers.



And there’s even a detailed tutorial on how to use this app on the Oxygen site. Which can’t be said for the other DroboApps DRI tout on their product page.

There’s a tutorial on Oxygen’s page because Oxygen wrote the app and the plugin.

If you would like to see Tutorials for the DroboApps. Please post the request in the Developer’s section of DroboSpace. DRI does not develop the DroboApps.

When will we see an Android app to be able to access our Drobo FS cloud?

Android app anyone?

oxygen sounds interesting - is there a way to make it work with a Drobo v1 and v2 (via droboshare)?

I have this up and running and its just great. I have my own Private Cloud i can share with my friends