OwnCloud Version 10

Has anyone updated their Drobo from OwnCloud 8.2.0 to 8.2.11 or version 10? The last OwnCloud client update now crashes and I can’t seem to find any Drobo specific instructions for upgrading. Can anyone help with a guide or a link to figure it out?


Resolved - I’ll answer my own question for anyone following behind me. Basically, I found out that Drobo has discontinued support of the OwnCloud app and there will not be an upgrade to version 10. I elected to make a radical approach to getting a Raspberry Pi, and installing OC 10 there and just accessing my Drobo as a network drive. After about a week of trial and error, I finally got my OC 10 on the Raspberry running great. The performance is far better than what I was getting on DroboApps so in retrospect, I’m glad I took this approach.

Hi Rcstanl,

Would you happen to have any links or documentation on how to get that done? (Raspberry + OC 10)? or how to get started?

Thank you.


Hi David,

I researched a lot of sites and make a few mistakes but the great thing about the Pi is that you can just reload the OS and start over. I believe I got most of the process from this YouTube video https://youtu.be/0U7NATfeTxg and there’s links to the commands and content from that page. I needed to research mounting the Drobo Share separately as most of these examples explain how to mount an external drive, not a NAS share. You’ll also want to search for LetsEncrypt and CertBot if you’re planning on using SSL (I highly recommend it). You can get a free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt and then CertBot will auto-renew it for you so that your free cert stays valid.
As for mounting the share, here’s the entry I made to the fstab file for my system:

//192.168.xx.xx/nextcloud /mnt/nextcloud cifs credentials=/home/pi/.NCCREDS,file_mode=0770,dir_mode=0770,uid=33,gid=33

I had been trying to install NextCloud (which is why my mountpoints say “nextcloud”), but you can name it whatever you want. You’ll need to update the IP address to whatever address your Pi is configured as. Hopefully this will help.

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I came across this thread whilst searching for support documentation on Drobo and OwnCloud. I’ve just installed OwnCloud and I’m really impressed with how it works.

I upgraded to 8.2.11 (maybe 12) and was surprised I was not offered 10.xx

Having just got it all up and running I wanted to upgrade to 10. Now because Drobo has a Linux engine running inside it, I was wondering if I could upgrade via the Linux SH/BASH shell?

Would love to know if anyone has attempted it without borking their system.