Owncloud SSL certs

I created an SSL certificate on StartSSL to avoid the errors given while using HTTPS for owncloud, but how do I install them?


You might want to look at DroboAccess/myDrobo which will essentially do all this for you automatically.

see http://www.drobo.com/mydrobo-platform/



I tried my best but got nowhere. I have my certs but when I changed my config files it just brought everything down.

With DroboAccess/myDrobo you don’t need your own certs - myDrobo takes care of that for you and gets its own certs for the mydrobo.com domain you chose.



Ok but I am trying to use OwnCloud at traisjames.dynu.com:8051

Ok but I am trying to use OwnCloud.


DroboAccess is fundamentally based on ownCloud, although it doesn’t have all features enabled. A lot of work was done on DroboAccess to make it very easy to use/install

So, unless there is something specific you need from ownCloud that DroboAccess doesn’t provide, I would encourage you to look at DroboAccess.



Multiuser, groups, calendar and notes.

I thoroughly agree DroboAccess is far from OwnCloud. I bought the Drobo 5N (already had a 2nd Gen) because I wanted the apps. And I am very disappointed to see it is running old version of OwnCloud and attempts to update past 8.2.1 are failing. I want to use it to share pictures and videos with family members and have them add their own pictures and videos as well.

Did you ever get your OwnCloud working on SSL?