OwnCloud app version

What version of owncloud is used for the owncloud droboapp?

hi am not 100% sure but on this site it seems to show version 8.2.2

My owncloud is version 8.2.0 and syncing is not working very well. In the drobo App dashboard the icon for owncloud is now an orange triangle with an exclamation mark - and there is no update icon. The latest version should be 8.2.7 !

Will the owncloud app be discontinued from Drobo?

The update process described on owncloud support pages is way too complicated for me - since it involves changing security setting via SSH or something like that.

I really hope to hear from people who knows about these issues.

OwnCloud is up to 9.0, which I hope they get working soon because the current version is not working for me.

I would also like to see V9.0 on the Drobo, but who do we need to push to get this done? I emailed Drobo support and they said it’s not them.

(i know a guy who might be able to help a bit… .you may know him he flies and wears a cape with a capital “R”) :slight_smile:

(nudge nudge for Ricardo) :slight_smile: