ownCloud app problem on Drobo 5N

After installing ownCloud app and trying to access it thru the browser for the first time, I am getting this error:

Setting locale to en_US.UTF-8/fr_FR.UTF-8/es_ES.UTF-8/de_DE.UTF-8/ru_RU.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/it_IT.UTF-8/ja_JP.UTF-8/zh_CN.UTF-8 failed
Please install one of these locales on your system and restart your webserver.

Does any one know how to fix this ?

I am using the latest version of Drobo 5N firmware 3.3.0, and latest Drobo Dashboard 2.7.0 on a Max OSX 10.11.1 El Capitan

hi, please hang in there and an app expert may be able to help…


That error msg can be resolved by installing Locale DroboApp. By right it should be auto-installed when you installed ownCloud but for some reason there are cases that it didi;t. Locale DroboApp is one of the dependency of ownCloud.

Another DroboApp which is optional is MySQL. By Default… ownCloud uses SQLite as it backend Database. As stated in ownCloud FAQ, if you are solely using ownCloud as single user… then is ok with SQLite. BUT if you are having multiple users using ownCloud… then is better to my a full SQL which is MySQL.