owing to a power outage

We have been internally using the Drobo PC Backup for many years along with DroboFS.

This morning, owing to a power outage, it is possible something has got corrupted.

“Drobo PC Backup cannot read the saved backup configuration from disk”[/php]

Do advise if you can assist with this. I am aware, Drobo PC Backup is no longer a support application.

hi vikas,
i have not used drobo backup, and all my backups have been with Das drobos via usb, but it might be worth still raising a ticket with the suport team, as i believe they can still be raised, even in a pay-per-incident if that if possible, and might still include some support in that way for the pc backup feature?

alternatively, maybe there is a way to recreate (or re-set-up) the backup configuration?

Any other alternative process to resume last configuration … even through i have re -install!!

hi vikas, do you currently have an accessibly backup of the actual data that is on the drobo?

(on a das model, i often run a windows checkdisk on my drobo volumes, one at a time, and it works great, but i think the nas file system check process is quite tricky and time consuming)

if you do have accessible copies of your data, then maybe the repair option via dashboard could help your current issue?