Overheat indicator (red power light) will not go off

While in the middle of re-provisioning our B800i the unit went off-line. I can ping its IP but Drobo Dashboard will not connect, none of the iSCSI clients can connect, nor does it light up with anything other than the red power light.

This indicates the unit over-heated. Not surprised given the condition in which I found the area where it is kept and the three cats (worth of dust and what-not) stuck in the intakes. A tech gave it a thorough blowing out and it sat for a while before turning back on. Red light, still. We have now let it sit for over an hour and get the same results. It seems to boot then suddenly all lights go off except for the red power light.

Where do we start with this? Unfortunately the unit was purchased in 2011 with a 3-year DroboCare – obviously expired.[hr]
Quick amendment: the unit actually power-cycles once right after what appears to be it booting up before going in the red power light mode.

I have the very same issue and am looking for help.

Any chance either of you figured something out? I’ve got a B800i doing the exact same thing, I’ve opened it and insured everything is spotless inside, but it still boots then appears to reboot to a red light.