Out of Space Message

Hi everyone, I am getting an out of space message when I try to drop a 256GB file onto my Drobo, which is showing 890GB free space.

Any suggestions?


How many drives do you have your Drobo and what are their sizes?

What size are you formatted to? (2TB, 4TB…16TB)

I have 4 - 1T drives. Two for storage and two for backup…

What size are you formatted to? (2TB, 4TB…16TB)

I have 4 drives in my Drobo with 1T in each drive. I use the top 2 drives with 2T of storage and the bottom 2 drives with 2T for emergency backup.

Unfortunately that is not how the drobo works.
The data is actually spread through out all drives. You can’t specify which drives get what data.

Sounds like you are formatted into volumes. Probably 2 TB each.

When you go into dashboard, do you see 2 volumes listed?

Also, what version of dashboard do you have?

Version 1.5.1
2 volumes listed on the desktop
1 volume of 2T is at 890GB and 1 volume of 2T is empty

how is it formatted? as in what file system, perhaps there is an issue with having a single file that big (i’ve never had a file more than 50GB).

I know that if you tried to put files bigger than 4GB onto a FAT32 formatted disk it gave “out of space” as the reason for not being able to do it, even though it actually meant “the file system doesnt support files that big”