OSX Trash recycling bin

If you delete a file from the B810n, can does it behave as normal? Ie, go to the bin instead of permanently deleting?

I can’t seem to find anything on this but maybe it’s the same with all NAS devices… A big decision for me buying a device! Thanks!

hi musio :slight_smile:

am not sure if the trashcan behaves in a similar way as windows, (but on windows, the recycle bin can be configured to have a certain size, where usually files are moved there, but if a huge file is deleted that can not fit then it also actually gets deleted) - that could be worth bearing in mind for the mac too?[hr]
btw is there a particular process (or workflow) that you are having at the back of your mind?

Helpful, thanks! I’ll look out for the big file deletion which is something I didn’t think about.
It’s a big buy so I’ve sent a ticket to customer support :slight_smile:

According to support, looks like every file will be deleted permanently :frowning:

Network drives or shares, such as provided by an NAS or Network Accessible Storage (i.e. the Drobo 5N) are not supported for the macOS Trash - when you delete a file from a network drive, it is gone permanently. DAS or Direct Attached Storage, such as the Drobo 5D, will use the Trash when deleting files, however.

Thanks sboydman!

ah yes, thanks for the mac info sboydman, (i was coming from a windows and das perspective as thats what i have myself)[hr]
btw, if you were planning on setting up a few users with their own fileshares, and wanted a way to facilitate file restoration of things that have been deleted, then maybe the following concept could work?

for example,

  • if each user is given a share
  • but each user does not have delete permissions
  • and instead, each user has a funky-looking folder (with a special icon or colour) called “!_files_for_deletion” without quotes or something similar
  • and each user is trained to simply move what they dont need any more, into that folder.
  • then, you could set up a process (such as manual, or semi-auto) which goes into each users folder, and then essentially moves them off into another hidden share that you have, (possibly via copying, pasting, and then deleting)

and that way you are essentially managing their deleted files, in a structured way, possibly with subfolders, so that if they come back to you asking for something they deleted by mistake recently, you can simply go into your special share, and pick out the matching date folder and file, and give them back what they needed :slight_smile: