OSX Server 10.5.8 PPC + iSCSI

Seems to be a total no-go at this point, very disappointing as I bought my unit specifically to use on my dual G5 Xserve w/ iSCSI (as the performance speeds of the other interfaces are too slow for my needs).

Has anyone found a successful workaround for this yet? I carefully read all the drobo dashboard release notes for known issues, etc and this wasn’t listed in any of them :frowning: It is however listed in the KB after some digging …


Is there any way to use a different iSCSI initiator on OSX PPC? I’ve seen mention of it on the forum here but not sure if anyone has tried using one. I’m not really fond of kernel panic’ing my Xserve over and over again, not to mention that I’m paranoid about losing the data on the DroboPro! I’d also ideally like to have an initiator that starts as a launchd service instead of having to have an admin user logged in 24/7 to have the drobopro accessible.

Help? Anyone? I’ve filed a support request but still waiting to hear back about it.

Well this is interesting … my replacement unit with the exact same firmware, dashboard software, and OSX Server software doesn’t kernel panic my PPC based machine. Plugging the older one back in does KP the machine reliably (but there’s no other noticeable differences between the 2 drobopro’s).

@gerk, chips have variances. you can’t guarantee every motherboard has EXACTLY the same performance. Actially you can for 100x the price. The DroboPro has been shipping for how many months? It was announced in April, so at most 5 months, most likely 3-4 months.

@switcher: Doesn’t add up to me. Why would it KP one arch (PPC) and not another (Intel) unless that “chip variance” somehow made it unable to handle endianness? To me it sounds like either poor quality control on the hardware, or the software, or both.

this may be going down a rathole, a firewire discusion in an iSCSI thread

@gerk, its not a Drobo problem. Apple’s new Macminis, the ones with Firewire, had problems with their Firewire chips. Is that Apples fault? No. Did Apple fix it, yes (it was handled silently at the Genius Bars according to a friend of mine who is an Apple SMB sales rep). So reasoning by analogy, is ti DRI’s fault? No. Will they fix it? Yes, from what has been posted here about exchanges. There are 3 vendors of Firewire chips that I know of – they are competing, do you think they ensure perfect interoperability?

How did firewire get into this conversation? :wink: We’re talking an iSCSI initiator here which shouldn’t really care very much about hardware at all (it lives on top of the TCP/IP stack, no?)

my mistake.