OSX 10.7 Lion - Compatible?

Has anyone been able to confirm whether or not the DroboFS is working properly under the developer builds of 10.7? How about time machine functionality?

I’ve not put our DroboFS into any sort of production project yet, but so far I’ve noticed no problems with it auto-mounting on the Lion desktop as it does under OS 10.6.8, nor have I noticed any difference with accessing material residing on it in a piecemeal fashion. Lion’s probably 2-3 builds away from a grand master (my subjective impression based on release frequency and the slow decline of problems over the past several weeks). Short answer: works here OK

So there IS a problem with 10.6.8? I was afraid so, when the specs said “…prepares for Lion”, and have not dared updating yet.

I’m seeing no problems on 10.6.8 that didn’t already exist.

Yes I have noticed a randomly occurring issue with 10.6.8, where it will sometimes not mount all my drives on reboot. If you go into the dashboard though, I’ve never had trouble getting them to mount that way.

We have installed the GM 10.7 of Lion on one of. Time Machine Backup locations are currently broken. Drobo is aware of this and they are working on a fix as soon as possible.

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[quote=“MacWorks, post:6, topic:2679”]
Drobo is aware of this and they are working on a fix as soon as possible.[/quote]

Good to hear. Would be nice if they actually dropped into the forums sometime…

I’ll be interested to see how they handle this, whether they upgrade to the latest netatalkd, or if they try to backport the necessary changes. Normally for a production environment like this you’d backport to minimize the impact, but given just how old their copy of netatalkd is, I don’t know if it’s feasible.

Finally updated to 10.6.8 and no problem.

Well, Lion is coming up soon (probably less than 2 weeks), and I will loose Time Machine funcionality, as Drobo still has not support for Time Machine backups on Lion (even tough developer previews of Lion have been available for months, and there was a conversation here in these forums months ago about it not being compatible yet). Guess that’s what happens when you rely on third party stuff…

Hopefully they will make the required updates soon to the framework, since it would suck not having backups for a while.

But given the history of Drobo in the past, I am not holding my breath. When they say ‘soon’ it usually means months…