OS X Mavericks "iscsid" prompt at startup

Receive “Do you want the application “iscsid” to accept incoming network connections?” at every startup in OS X Mavericks 10.9.4. Have configured Firewall to Allow access (iscsid…Allow incoming connections) but still receive prompt. Only Support page that seemed somewhat related is http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/624/~/iscsi-issues-(mac). Installation of Java also did not alleviate problem.

No communication issues with Drobo Mini or Dashboard - just tired of receiving seemingly unnecessary modal prompt upon boot. Anyone have any setting/configuration ideas on either the OS X or Drobo side to deal with this?

Getting same thing, any solution?

Help! I am now having the same problem, started over the weekend after I had to reinstall Java SE 6 Runtime so I could run Dreamweaver CS6. I upgraded to OS X Yosemite when it was released, and had the ISCSID prompt the first time I booted up, I hit allow, and it did not come back. I do not recall if I was asked when I upgraded to 10.10.1. Could there be an issue with Java SE 6?

I have tried to go into the Security-Firewall settings to permanently “Allow”, I still get the prompt at each start.

Any help would be appreciated.