OS X Lion Drobo does not mount after reboot

I’m running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and have a Drobo 2nd Gen FW800 connected via FW800, the Drobo is running firmware 1.4.1 and Drobo Dashboard version 2.0.5

Ever since I started using my Drobo with OS X Lion, I have found that it is much more unreliable. When I reboot my computer, 99% of the time, the Drobo does not mount it’s 2 partitions. I then have to go to Disk Utility and manually mount each partition, which is not always successful. Sometimes I get an error message saying that the drive cannot be mounted, then have to run Repair Drive, then can usually get it to mount. If I immediately reboot, it’s the same business. I don’t know why my Drobo is not automatically mounting after every reboot.

Further, even when the Drobo is mounted, frequently Dashboard does not even detect the presence of a Drobo. I’m really growing frustrated and need help and a fix or will have to find a different solution.

Finally, even using FW800, the Drobo read/write speeds seem abysmal.

Does anyone have any way to fix this? I didn’t have this problem with Snow Leopard.

What mac are you running? Macbook pro, Mac Pro, etc?

iMac Core i7 (thunderbolt) connected via FW800 (which I must say speed has never been impressive with a drobo - had it connected via FW400 on my old iMac and I can’t even tell the difference.)