Original drobo

I have one of the original 4-bay drobos, DRO4D-U if that means anything? It has worked like a charm for some years now and I have not visited the forum for eons. So I have a problem and a general question. First the question: how do I stand vis-a-vis any firmware updates etc? Am I ‘abandoned’? Now, the problem.

Once in a while my desktop fails to recognize the Drobo plugged into a USB port and I usually just unplug it and reattach. If that does not work I power down and then reattach. This time, I did both and, although the drobo came back on line, in terms of data access, the red/yellow flashing lights have been going on for about four days now. I see another thread with reassurance that all will be well but how long is reasonable? Is there anything I should be doing? Dashboard says it will be a few hours and then, when I look again, the estimate has gone up, not down. At the moment it says 12 hours remaining. It was 2 hours when I opened Dashboard a while back. Last night it was 27 hours etc.

Original 4-bay USB-only Drobo is discontinued.
Your firmware/dashboard updates are in this KnowledgeBase article.

Relayout on my Gen 2 4-bay Drobo on a 4x2TB drive took in excess of 36 hours.

I recommend shutting down your computer and disconnecting Drobo. Any access will slow down the relayout process. The adage of “a watched pot never boils” definitely applies here. :slight_smile:

If the relayout time continues to bounce around like that, it would be best to open a trouble ticket and attach a diagnostic file. There could be a drive going bad.

Many thanks to you and to the others who have commented. It is a great help.