Options, if any....

Hi Everyone,
I popped out one of my old 2 TB (Slot 4) drives out of my DroboFS, and replaced it with a brand new 3TB, and let the Drobo rebuild the sytem as usual, came back with ~ 140hrs to do that.

I proceeded to disconnect the network port as to stop any requests to the unit, in hopes things would move along faster, 2 days into the rebuild, I come downstairs to find ALL lights flashing red, reconnect it back onto the network to see that a drive (Slot 0) has been marked as BAD, mid way through the rebuild, rendering the whole thing inaccessible.

To make things worse, when the drive is examined, it shows zero defects under various tools and a 2 day Spinrite examination.

No matter what I try I cant get the unit to at least bring up the array so that I can get to my data, which is clearly accessible via different tools, I can even image the drive without any problems. I’ve also tried restoring the image onto a new 2TB unit, and it still comes up as bad when inserted into the NAS.

Estimates from various data recovery services range from 2500$-7000$ for the 7TB recovery…

To make things worse, DroboSupport won’t even talk to you if you have a DroboFS, all they’re able to do is point you to the KB.

I don’t even know where to begin, this proactive failing of drives that drobo does is for lack of a better word stupid!

Why would you mark a drive as bad mid way through a rebuild???

How does one un-mark a drive as bad, is it even possible to do?

Any help is appreciated.