OpenWRT on Drobo & or DroboShare?

Anyone know what the likelihood of OpenWRT successfully functioning on a Drobo or DroboShare? Can it be done? Has someone already done it? Curious… Seems like a tall order considering the complexity of proprietary hardware & hot swapping etc.

I’m thinking it would be rad if you could get networking straight from the drobo since it does have an ethernet port, rather than having to go via a droboshare. Maybe the hardware is too underpowered for this, but it’s a novel idea.

Im confused, drobos dont have network ports… thats why the sold the droboshare…

droboFS DOES have a network port - and therefore makes the droboshare redundant (esentially it just has the droboshare built into the unit)

DroboPro/Elite have ethernet ports, but they only support iscsi - is that what you are talking about? networking from the drobopro’s iscsi port? in which case you want the droboproFS whch does exactly what you want?

maybe you can be more specific about which drobo you are talking about ( and what you want to do with it

My bad. I was talking about the first gen drobo + droboshare. Yeah, no ethernet on the drobo unit itself, have to go via usb/firewire to droboshare for ethernet. Yuck man. Doesn’t seem worth the effort even if I could accomplish this.

Thought maybe it would be easier for people to accomplish what they want on their drobos if there were OpenWRT builds available since OpenWRT is essentially a framework for building your own embedded linux system firmware. Seems like an ideal approach, for someone who knows what they’re doing (not me!). I’m still getting familiar with basic linux programs and filesystem, administration etc.