ooh it is possible

to add disks to a raid array - and have the data integrated into it ratehr than have the disk wiped

(From wikipedia)
Kaleidescape’s KSERVER-5000 and KSERVER-1500 use a proprietary RAID-K in their media storage units. RAID-K is similar to RAID 4 in using double parity, but RAID-K also uses another, proprietary method of maintaining fault tolerance.[clarification needed] The system is easily modified, as users can expand the array simply by inserting additional hard disks. Additionally, if any hard disk is inserted with data already on it, the data is automatically added to the array instead of deleting the data, as many other RAID methods would require.

i know we’ve already been over why this would be impractical for drobo and the difficulties in implementing it, so im not even going to suggest it as a feature, but it sure would make peoples lives easier if it could be done this easily!


But isn’t RAID-4 is single parity, no striping? Maybe typo in Wikipedia… RAID-6 would have double-parity.

Or maybe it’s RAID-4 (no striping) with extra parity? Since there’s no striping, there’s no need to change the data on non-parity disks and the controller combines all the independent volumes into a single logical volume, similar to how WHS combines its storage.

ha, my point was more that an often requested feature is to be able to put a drive full of data into drobo and have it imported into the array rather than have drobo wipe the disk

of course this quickly turns into a nightmare of where do you put that data, how was the disk formatted, how do you verify its integrity, etc etc etc